It doesn’t only need to build a structure in order to build a robot. It also requires the knowledge of electric motor, circuitry, electronics and programming. It’s quite hard to gain the knowledge of all those within the busy schedule of MIST. Many students were interested in robotics since the beginning, but there was no combined platform for all to work together. Today’s MIST Robotics Club is the product of those useful thoughts and tireless endeavors of some strong-willed people.

The first person who must be remembered for introducing robotics in MIST is Nazmul Huda from mechanical department. Many students had their first basics in robotics directly from him. Later on, many of the students took the micro-controller course outside for participating in NASA Lunabotics Competition in 2011. But participation in other competition was not that common. Everyone could understand the need of a common platform but initiative was not taken. Right then, Rahid Zaman (ME-08), Rawshan Ara Mannan (EECE-08), Samir Shishir (CSE-10) sought help from different departments to start a club. But their proposal was rejected many times due to administrative reasons. In 2012, while everyone almost gave up the idea of establishing this club, Rahid Zaman and Samir Shishir still remained optimistic and tried to authorize the establishment of a club. That year at the second term, Miftahur Rahman (ME-08) joined in the endeavor and againstarted to talk to the authority. Every day they had to go to 8th floor of tower-1 and try to convince the faculties. They would get a chance to meet a faculty after 5-6 days of roaming. At last, Dr. Alamgir (dept. of ME), Col. Humayun (dept. of ME) and Mr. Fahim (dept. of CSE) helped to manage room-501 of tower-1 to be used in Saturday morning. A proposal was submitted about the formation of a temporary committee and a constitution. But it was not initially granted due to many reasons. By that time, 45-50 students formed 8 teams for participating in CUET Roborace Competition. The first session of the club was held on probably 10th week of the second term in 2012. Many of the teachers were invited. The number of students was far more than expected which inspired the founders even more. Then the preparatory leave and long vacation caused a temporary gap in the activity.

Everything started from scratch again in 2013. Classes were conducted in room no. 501 and 502. MiftahurRahmanand RahidZaman had to tackle all the obstacles (including managing the authority and resolving the misunderstandings amongst the departments) to keep the wheels moving. Some other notable persons who must be named for their remarkable contributions for creating the foundation of club are Sobhan Sohan (AE-02), Saiful Azad (CSE-10) and Sajib Hasan (CSE-10). Gradually their descendants took over the responsibilities and improvised functions of the club. At the initial stage, the head of CSE dept Gp Capt Afzal Hossain patronized the activities of the widely. The activities of the club grew even more when the head of EECE dept Gp Capt Hossam-E-Haider took the responsibilities of the club. The communication between the club and the authority became easier when newly joined faculty of EECE dept,Capt Mohammad Naim Uddin directly involved with the club functions. He has always rendered his helping hands for the betterment of the club. The list of the people working behind is ever increasing and it’s not possible to mention all of them here. Some of the most notable characters without whom the organization would not have its present shape are Shafiqul Alam (AE-03), Alvi Nur (AE-03), Nur Mohammad Hasan (ME-09). The tireless efforts of Nahiduzjaman Sajib (EECE-10) and Syed Zayed (EECE-10) will be an example for the days to come. The continuous efforts of many more people have made this organization a learning center for the enthusiastic people in MIST.



About Us

"I ultimately got into robotics because for me, it was the best way to study intelligence."

Sebastian Thrun


MIST Robotics Club takes classes on different topics.


  • 1. Variables, data types
  • 2. Conditional logic
  • 3. Repetitive statements (loops)
  • 4. Arrays and Data structures
  • 5. Function
  • 6. Recursion
  • 7. Automation
  • 8. Programming with sensors
  • 9. Workshop on automated vehicles, blinkers


  • 1. Introduction to gears to motors.
  • 2. Gear motor, servo motor and dc motor.
  • 3. Robotic arm.
  • 4. Elementary to advanced Solidworks design.


  • 1. Basic electronics: diode, transistor and switch
  • 2. Basic circuit design.
  • 3. Introduction to microcontrollers.
  • 4. AVR programming.
  • 5. Arduino programming.
  • 6. Use of sensors.


Robotics Club's skills are:



"At bottom, robotics is about us. It is the discipline of emulating our lives, of wondering how we work."



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