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ROBOLUTION is a yearly Technology, Robotics & Innovation Competition of MIST Robotics Club. Any one from any university and college can participate. To inspire and to be connected with all the Tech, science and robotics enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, engineering and science students, teachers and also to build a strong active community within Bangladesh every year MIST Robotics Club organizes this event. We, MIST Robotics Club strongly believe in this bond/ community formation and unity. This revolution we believe may be possible, via ROBOLUTION. And so we soar high, because sky is the limit.

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Robolution 2017

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Nazmul Hasan
President, MRC

Kamruzzaman Hridoy
Vice President, MRC

M. Ahsanul Siam
Vice President, MRC

Mosarruf Hossain Shawon
Vice President, MRC

Nazmul Islam Nafis
Treasurer, MRC